Hello World!

Console.WriteLine(“Hello World!”);

NSLog(@”Hello World!”);

Well I can’t think of a better place to start than that. 

In case it is not obvious, this is my first post to this blog, or any blog for that matter. If you found this, wow, you spend way too much time on the internet. 🙂

So what can you expect to find here? Mainly meanderings about my findings as I stumble through learning how to develop in general, but mainly development for mobile devices. I intend to first focus on iOS programming using Xamarin, especially my experience learning iOS programming from a book that used, understandably, Objective-C but having done all of the exercises in C#/.NET/Mono using Xamarin Studio as well. My first post will be about delegates in Objective-C, definitely not to be confused with delegates in C#. Xamarin has a good guide on Events, Protocols, and Delegates, but I hope to delve a bit deeper than is done in that article, and from the perspective of a neophyte.

Thanks for stopping by. Please check back for more content soon.




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